Growing Greens One-Size Fitted Cloth Diaper


Babee Greens 55% hemp/45% organic cotton diaper products are a great option for babies due to the fabrics many benefits. Hemp is the strongest fiber known to man and is four times more absorbent and longer lasting than cotton alone.

Growing Greens is our original one size diaper, fitting most babies 5-35 lbs. The two part diaper system is constructed entirely from the softest fleece knit 100% unbleached cotton thread and natural rubber elastic.

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Growing Greens is our original one size diaper, fitting most babies 5-35 lbs. The two part diaper system is constructed entirely from the softest fleece knit, 100% unbleached organic cotton thread and natural latex free elastic.
Our organic cotton is grown and milled in the USA.

Our unique non-PVC, hypoallergenic snap system offers wide adjustment for thigh and back allowing a custom fit. The functionality of the two part snap in design creates a trim, multi-fit diaper that enables a thorough cleanse and quick drying time.

Each Growing Greens diaper includes our unique contour that features an umbilical cord cutout to promote healing for those first few weeks. Used alone, contours will fit newborns 5-10 lbs. As your baby grows, use the fitted diaper alone with the front folded down, customizing the rise and exposing a hidden row of snaps fitting 10-18 lbs. For toddlers, 18-35 lbs., Growing Greens can be used with the snap in contour for increased absorbency.  A doubler can be added for night or naptime.

We use only latex free elastics that have been sewn on the interior of leg openings and waist to avoid any allergic reactions. The elastic waist works well into the potty training stage.  It allows toddlers to pull the diaper up and down themselves.

Babee Greens 55% hemp/45% organic cotton diaper products are a great option for babies due to the fabrics many benefits. Hemp is the strongest fiber known to man and is four times more absorbent and longer lasting than cotton alone. Hemp also possesses natural, antifungal, antibacterial properties; making it an effective and efficient cloth diaper fabric that naturally helps prevent diaper rash.

Hemp also has no known insect predators and requires no pesticides or herbicides to grow, so it’s safe to put next to baby’s skin and easy on our earth’s environment.

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Organic Fabric Options

100% Certified Organic Cotton, 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton Blend

One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

4.88 out of 5

17 reviews for Growing Greens One-Size Fitted Cloth Diaper

  1. 5 out of 5


    As a mother of three, I just now switched to cloth diapers with my third. I don’t know why I waited so long! Growing Greens One-Size Diaper is wonderful! It is so soft and absorbent and EASY to use. When I think of all the disposable diapers I have used and all those chemicals that I exposed my babies’ skin to, plus all the money that I spent, it kind of makes me a little ill. I can positively and confidently say that I will never use another disposable again!
    About a month ago, my 6 month old little boy came down with a very severe diaper rash. I tried everything… changing diaper brands, over the counter diaper rash cream, prescription diaper rash cream, eliminating and postponing feeding him solids, and then finally Babee Greens organic cotton cloth diapers. The change in his condition was remarkable. We are still working to clear the rash up for good, but I know whole-heartedly that these diapers have had a drastic impact on his recovery. I highly, highly recommend these diapers to anyone with a little one. Thank you Babee Greens! You have a believer and a customer for life!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Incredible! Love them!! One of the few diapers we can count on for overnight without leaks. I’ve got heavy wetter twins, it’s so hard to find good overnight solutions, these rock my socks off!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Cloth diapering is so easy with these amazing diapers! At first they were too big for our newborn, but we used the included inserts alone in a wool cover and it worked perfectly for the first 3 months or so. At 4 months we were able to use the diapers comfortably and they just get softer and better the more we use them. We have a retailer in our neighborhood and I buy one for every pregnant friend to try!

  4. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This one-size diaper is great! I bought several to use at night with a heavy-wetting baby that nurses all night and they work great under wool. We make it 10-12 hours every night with no leaks. If you take the doubler out this is a really nice daytime diaper as well. The material is great and is super soft when you first receive it. The only reason I am giving four stars is because the material loses some softness when you continue to wash (all hemp stuff does that though). When you first get the diaper it looks huge but it will shrink down to the normal size after several washes. I use the diapers on my 20lb, 4 month old and they fit perfectly! The fold down size snaps really help make this a one-size and I can see this fitting well as my son continues to grow or for the next baby. I would recommend this fitted to anyone!

  5. 5 out of 5


    I have cloth diapered both of my children from birth. I began diapering with prefolds and flats but at a year my first child decided that unless it had snaps it could be removed and we sometimes go cover free or use a wool pull up cover . And with all the wiggling we were ready to try fitteds . We looked at every single organic diaper and decided to try these, we got 3 cotton and 3 hemp. Our child wore them for about… Exactly a year before potty training. We love the fabric, the cotton more than the hemp but the hemp is still excellent. Our second child started in them as soon as our first trained and here is what I’ve noticed after a year and a half of constant use and every other day washing in soap nuts. 1. The fabric is so thick and strong and absorbent I swear that they just handle it all and I want every diaper I own to be made our if this stuff. They’re still soft and did not get rock hard when hung to dry. They’re snaps are the BEST on the market and I want to tell every company that. Anyway they really are what we were looking for.. I’m getting concerned about the kissaluvs we got for this baby ( very on sale lol) they don’t have the same snaps and they really might not fit much longer which us depressing and I’m kicking myself for not buying more of these. I love these. I

  6. 5 out of 5


    Received one as a gift from a fellow cd mom. Great absorbency, excellent fit and so soft. Can’t wait to order more.

  7. 5 out of 5


    We always prefer Hemp combos for our diapers, to make it easier for night time AND day time use. These diapers do just that!
    There is no separating night time and day time diapers any more :)
    We use a front loader, and love the hemp/cotton combo!!
    Natural fibers clean easier, smell less, and are easier to keep stain free!!
    I was so excited to refill our stash with these diapers, and we will be using them for our 3rd child now!

  8. 5 out of 5


    After countless hours of researching cloth diapers before the arrival of our first baby, I honed in on Babee Greens Hemp/Cotton fitteds and took the leap, building a complete stash with them. I loved the fact that they were a local company and I was impressed with the versatility and trimness of the design…I just hoped I would love them in person on my baby when she arrived after investing all that money! After 6 months of diapering, I am proud to say that BABEE GREENS ROCKS! :) My husband and I both love how easy they are to use and we can rest in the knowledge that we are putting the best, safest materials next to our baby’s skin. Not to mention all the money we have already saved by not having to buy disposable diapers… Get these and you are set for cloth diapering forever. :) (BTW, their customer service is absolutely fantastic! Babee Greens folks go out of their way to make sure their customers are cared for and satisfied, plus they are very generous with helpful information!)

  9. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Like everyone else, I had done an extensive amount of research to find the perfect diapers. I wasn’t interested in experimenting and having adorable outfits destroyed by stains and blowouts in the process. I stumbled across these gems by a recommendation of a few moms on the internet. I have been very impressed. They truly are one size. They were a tad large on my newborn baby at 8 lbs, but with an added contour to take up the space they worked fabulously. Definitely make sure to wash and dry them several times to snug up a bit :)

  10. 5 out of 5


    Great fitteds! Haven’t had a leak or blowout yet, and they are so soft. Also impressed with the trimness of these, which is pretty great for a one-sized diaper. Using these more than any other in my stash, in coordination with their natural wool covers.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Bought these used from a local children’s boutique, and I have to say I LOVE THEM! Seriously, they have made me a believer that night time cloth diapering really CAN work! Thank you babee greens! I am SO excited to try a wool cover next!!

  12. 4 out of 5


    I love these one size diapers! We will use them for a long time, I can tell. They are very absorbent and contain messes very well. Our only thing is I wish they were a little more trim on my little guy, but that’s just personal fit preference. Would recommend buying!

  13. 5 out of 5


    I love these diapers, so soft, with a nice fit and seem very comfy for my baby. I use them for an overnight diaper with a Babee Greens wool diaper cover, which is also great and super soft. Even when the diaper is soaked the cover stays dry. I’ve had excellent customer service from Babee Greens and I think they make awesome baby items!

  14. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Have the 100% cotton for my infant, which I love. It is still so soft after months of use. I decided to get the cotton/hemp for my toddler. Haven’t used it yet, but it’s very soft out of the package. It was on sale and I got free shipping. I ordered it Monday, it was shipped same day, and I received it in 2 days. Excellent service from Babeegreens!

  15. 5 out of 5


    These are my favorite fitteds! I love the cotton fabric the best. I love love love that the elastic is only on the outside layer. My little girl is so sinsitive to everything, but not these.

  16. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have both the hemp/cotton and 100% cotton versions of this diaper. Both work really well. I typically prefer hemp/cotton over cotton for cloth diapering, but the 100% cotton version of this diaper is fantastic! It is so soft (it is more like a brushed cotton or cotton flannel than the cotton of a prefold) and is much more absorbent than your typical cotton diaper. I have used both the hemp/cotton and cotton versions successfully at night with a Babee Greens wool cover. I have found that these diapers outperform any other fitted in terms of absorbancy that I have tried. I love the snap in booster that comes with the diaper and have added an additional booster for nighttime use. I use this diaper on my 5 month old who is approximately 15 lbs and has really skinny legs. The diaper is a generous cut, but it has still worked well on my little guy, skinny legs and all. I especially love that these diapers are made with cotton thread (most diapers that market themselves as being natural fibers still use polyester/polyester blend thread). A great product!

  17. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    We have both the cotton and the hemp/cotton blend. They are very high quality! After washing and line drying, the hemp/cotton fits a little wider/shorter and the cotton is narrower and longer. I like using them for different reasons such as if there’s an outfit I’m needing a trimmer diaper for. Not that there’s anything wrong with a fluffy cloth diaper/wool cover baby bum but you know what I mean..sometimes one can look/fit a little better under one pair of pants over another.
    I really like both of these. I’m sure it depends on the size/shape of your baby too. We line dry on a rack in our home and the cotton is maybe a little softer than the hemp but they’re both great. Our baby girl seems to be comfy in them. At night I use an extra hemp/cotton contour liner/doubler. Great company, great products! I love cloth diapering with all natural fabrics! In my opinion they are the best!

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