Cloth Diaper Starter Kits

“Getting started” is often the most challenging part of cloth diapering. But what happens when all the supplies you need are put in one basket and delivered straight to you? This is exactly what BabeeGreens Starter Kits help you with!

BabeeGreens Starter Kits

Here are the four types of Starter Kits BabeeGreens Offers:

BabeeGreens Starter Kit

The BabeeGreens Starter kit “provides everything you will need to start cloth diapering your baby.”

With this kit, new parents wanting to break into their cloth diapering journey can get everything in one place instead of having to buy each piece separately. The best part? You get everything at a discounted price! Once you get started with the deluxe kit, you can always add additional things as per your growing baby’s needs, especially when it comes to diaper covers, softie wipes, cleaning supplies, and more.

BabeeGreens Deluxe Starter Kit

The BabeeGreens Deluxe Starter Kit includes everything the BabeeGreens original starter kit has to offer. The only difference here is the number of cloth diapers. Whereas the original kit includes 13 one-size-fitted diapers, the deluxe kit includes 19 diapers.

Cotton Diaper Bundles

BabeeGreens cotton diaper bundles include two types – a pack of 12 diapers and a pack of 6 diapers with doublers.

Both bundles include one-size diapers that are perfect for babies weighing between 5 to 35 lbs. How is each diaper constructed? Made up entirely from the softest and comfiest fleece knit, these diapers are crafted from 100% unbleached cotton threads. High-quality, latex-free elastic runs across the waist area to ensure a proper fit.

The best part about these cotton diapers is that you can use them until your little sunshine is potty trained!

Newborn Cotton Diaper Bundle

Perhaps the most special time in the life of parents is the time when they just bring their baby home! But this time can be the most overwhelming one as well. You want everything to be just right, and you want to give your newborn the best of everything.

When it comes to mastering the art of cloth diapering, BabeeGreens offers a set of cloth diapers that ensure your baby has the perfect diapering experience. Crafted specially for newborns weighing between 5 to 14 pounds, these diapers offer a leak-free, comfortable, and rash-free diaper experience to your baby. Each diaper comes with a three-layer doubler and a flexible cord area to adjust to your growing baby’s needs. Made from 100% organic cotton, your baby’s skin will absolutely love this fabric!

Why Invest in a Starter Kit?

A cloth diaper starter kit serves as a roadmap to cloth diapering your baby with ease. The kit:

  • Makes it effortless to get started. When you have a well-rounded basket of all cloth diaper supplies, you don’t end up getting overwhelmed right in the beginning.
  • From diapers to cleaning supplies – most diaper starter kits have everything you need to cloth diaper your baby successfully. This helps save a ton of time (and protects you from unnecessary confusion) because you don’t end up scourging every possible website on the internet.
  • Helps you save money. When you buy all your supplies in one go, you unlock prices you won’t have access to when buying a single piece.
  • Offers you the most eco-friendly way of diapering. With 3 million disposables ending in landfills each year, cloth diapering is the ultimate road to sustainable diapering for environment-conscious parents.

What’s Inside Each Kit?

Whether you’re looking for a diaper-only set or an all-in-one set, here’s what each BabeeGreens Diaper Starter Kit includes:

Cotton Diaper Bundles

These kits offer two types of bundles:

BabeeGreens Starter Kit

This kit serves as your gateway to start cloth diapering the right way. It includes:

  • 13 Growing Greens one-size fitted diapers
  • 1 natural wool cover
  • 2 packs of softie wipes (12 per pack)
  • 6 doublers
  • 1 set of Cleansing Greens Set (8oz)
  • 2 pairs of Organic Nursing Pads

BabeeGreens Deluxe Starter Kit

This kit includes everything the BabeeGreens Starter Kit has to offer. The only difference is that it offers 19 diapers instead of 13.

Newborn Cotton Diaper Bundle

These bundles offer diapers crafted especially for newborns weighing between 5 to 14 pounds. The two types of Newborn Cotton Diaper Bundles include:

Which Starter Kit is Perfect for Your Little One?

When it comes to investing in a starter kit, it’s important to consider the following factors before arriving at the final decision:

Your Little One’s Age

Cloth diapers typically come in one size that can be adjusted as per your growing baby’s needs. For newborns weighing between 5 to 14 pounds, it’s best to opt for BabeeGreens’ newborn bundle.

Part-Time or Full-Time Cloth Diaper Usage

If you decide to cloth diaper your baby full-time, it’s best to go for a bundle of 12 to 19 diapers. For part-time, a pack of 6 diapers would be a great choice.

Frequency of the Laundry

The number of diapers you choose also depends on your laundry schedule. You’ll need fewer diapers if you launder them every day and more diapers if you launder them every two or three days.