What is a Fitted Diaper?

Fitted diapers by BabeeGreens are available in both organic cotton and cotton/hemp blend fabrics.  Fitted diapers (nappies) look similar to a contour diaper, with the added benefit of having fitted elastic legs and waistbands. The openings provide a more snug fit and superior protection against leaks.

Fitted diapers tend to work better for newborns because they contain runny newborn messes better than prefolds or contours. They also have built-in snap closures which eliminate the need for diaper pins and work better than Velcro because diapers won’t cling together in the wash or come loose. Snap in contours can be added to fitted diapers for extra wetness protection if needed.

Fitted cloth diapers require waterproof outer diaper covers.

Some benefits of BabeeGreens’ Organic Cotton and Hemp/Cotton One-size fitted diapers:

  • Easy to use; no folding
  • Better at preventing leaks around legs
  • Snap closures provide a secure, snug fit
  • One diaper can be used from 5 – 35 lbs.
  • Can be used as a pull on for potty training