Why Choose Organic Cloth Diapers?

Organic cloth diapers (nappies) are an earth friendly diaper that encourages mindful waste management, provides a non toxic alternative for babies, and supports sustainable farming practices to preserve the world’s fragile ecosystem. Unlike ordinary cotton diapers, Babee Greens organic diaper products are made from certified 100% organic cotton and hemp/organic cotton blended fabrics. Our cotton is grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and is produced without the use of dyes, bleach, or chemicals. Simply put, organic diapers are safer to use and more earth friendly than standard cotton diapers.

Organic Cloth Diapers vs. Conventional Cotton Diapers

As a mother, you have the choice to buy cotton diapers and baby products made from conventionally grown cotton fabrics, or those made from organic cotton. Why is organic cotton better for the environment and for babies? Conventional cotton attracts a wide range of insects that are treated with pesticides. Due to the high demand, cotton farming is one of the largest pesticide dependent crops in the world, using an overwhelming 25% of the world’s pesticides each year. Fungicides and chemical ridden synthetic fertilizers are also used in an abundance which have an immeasurable negative effect on the environment. Conventional cotton fabric is then processed with Chlorine bleach to whiten the cotton.  Therefore, what  goes next to your baby’s skin is laden with chemicals.

Growers of certified organic cotton must meet a host of stringent criteria to qualify as organic. Plants are untreated and organic matter is used as fertilizer. By eliminating hazardous synthetic pesticides in its production organic cotton offers a healthy and sustainable farming future for farmers and their families. Beneficial insects are used to “tame” harmful insects that threaten plants, and safe peroxide is used instead of bleach to whiten cotton. No harmful chemicals are used to grow organic cotton or to produce organic cotton fibers. So why use just ordinary cotton diapers on your baby, when you can use eco-friendly, organic cotton diapers and organic cotton baby products. Organic cotton is good for the environment and good for your baby too.

Environmental Impact

The biggest environmental plus for an organic cloth diaper is that it can be reused time and time again. Consider this… disposable diapers are used for only 2 hours and take between 200 and 500 years to disintegrate in landfills. Organic cotton diapers are used for 3 years or more and are reusable.  Disposable diapers are made from materials like paper, plastic and the absorptive gel, sodium polyacrylate, that do not biodegrade. However, biodegradable brands are now available at the cost of  lower absorbency.

Cloth diapering is just as absorbent as a disposable diaper, yet breathable. Organic cloth diapers are used just like traditional cloth baby diapers, just wash and reuse. When your babies diaper is soiled simply wash and and dry as you would any other cotton fabric. Our diapers will withstand everyday washing and drying for the duration of use and will in fact become more absorbent with each washing. Growing Greens One-Size Diaper and Newborn Contour Diaper are made to last. Choosing organic cotton diapers instead of disposable is a great first step in doing your part to protect the environment.