Cloth Diaper Wipes

Cloth wipes are a great alternative to disposable wipes. If you plan to use cloth baby diapers, then cloth wipes are the natural choice for you and your baby. Using Babee Greens organic cloth wipes is better for the environment and healthier for your baby. Why wipe your baby with a man made fabric loaded with chemicals? Babee Greens organic cloth wipes are all natural, chemical free and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Using cloth wipes can save money and reduce the amount of diaper waste going into landfills

How to Use Cloth Wipes

You can use cloth wipes wet or dry. To use dry, just spray your baby’s bottom with water or our Cleansing Greens cleansing spray, made from antimicrobial hempseed oil, tea tree and lavender. Just spray baby’s bottom and use a dry cloth to wipe clean.

When at home you may prefer to use the wet cleansing method. Simply premix a cleansing solution such as Cleansing Greens in advance and soak cloth wipes until moist. Store in a waterproof container or wipe warmer until ready to use. With the wet method, you’ll always have a moist cloth wipe ready when you need it.

All natural BabeeGreens organic cloth wipes are soft, yet durable and are perfect for any clean up.