Organic Cloth Diapers

Founded in 2002 in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Babee Greens began with one big goal: nurturing babies and the environment. We designed our Growing Greens One Size Fitted Diaper as a result of the rebirth of cloth diapering at the tail end of the 20th century and a shortage of organic one-size cloth diapers on the market.

Our cloth diaper line has you covered from the moment your new baby gets here. We have starter kits. These kits come with a collection of cloth diapers, wipes, and other baby and mom kits. We also carry a bundle line of diapers for your infant or toddler. To give you options, our cloth diapers come in six types. These are pre-fold, fitted, pocket cloth, hybrid, all-in-one, and one size.

Unique Features of Cloth Diapers

Washable and Reusable

Babee Greens cloth diapers are washable and reusable. The diapers are also machine washable and dryable, so you can reuse them as often as you want without worrying about running out of clean ones. Moreover, they are made with non-toxic, chemical-free, eco-friendly materials.

Made Of Organic Cotton and Hemp

Our cloth diapers are made of organic cotton and hemp. These materials are good for your baby's health and also ideal for maximum comfort. We make all our fabrics, which means we control our products' quality, sourcing, and manufacturing.

Chemical Free

Babee Greens cloth diapers are chemical-free, so you can rest easy knowing your baby is safe and healthy. Babee Greens doesn’t use any of the following: chlorine, bleach, fragrances, lotions, or other potentially harmful chemicals.

Why Choose Reusable Cloth Diapers?

Environmentally Friendly

diapers take hundreds of years to decompose, and they fill up landfills at an alarming rate while causing major issues with waste disposal because they cannot be recycled. On top of that, disposable diapers contain harmful chemicals like dioxin that end up in our water supply because they do not break down in landfills and seep into our groundwater systems from trash dumps.

Saves Money

Today, disposable diapers range from $20 to $70 per month. New parents spend anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000 on diapers alone. Cloth diapers, in this case, are an investment. For $129 to $199, you have diapers that your baby can use for the next six months.

Allows for Convenience

Reusables offer several advantages to families. They allow for greater convenience, for instance. You never have to worry about running out and buying more diapers. All you need is some soap, water, and a little time! They are much cheaper in the long run. All you have to do is wash them with your other clothes.

More Comfortable for Children

Reusable cloth diapers can be much more comfortable for children. Some parents find that their kids get rashes from disposables, but this is not a problem with cloth diapers. You can also adjust the fit of cloth diapers and make them as tight or loose as you want without compromising comfort. Disposable diapers can often feel too tight for babies who wear clothes over them, but this is not an issue with reusable cloth diapers.

Good Option for Children with Sensitive Skin

You might have been tempted to go with disposables because they're so much easier and quicker, but if your little one has sensitive skin, cloth diapers might be a better option. Disposable diapers contain chemicals and dyes that can cause irritation to a baby's skin and increase the risk of developing eczema or other rash-like conditions.

Can Lead to Earlier Potty Training

One of the best reasons to use cloth diapers is that they can help potty train your child earlier. The constant feeling of being wet against their skin will motivate them to go sooner and more often, making it easier for you to know when they need to go. This allows your baby to understand their body better by relating to the feeling in their diaper.

When you first think about using cloth diapers, you might get turned off by all the seemingly complicated processes involved. The reality is, however, that there's nothing to worry about when it comes to caring for cloth diapers.

Babee Greens provides the easiest way to care for your baby's sensitive skin while sustainably helping the environment. Choose the best diapers on the market today and learn how easy it can be with Babee Greens! Click Here to Browse our Diaper Products.