Benefits of Organic Cloth Diapers

  • Better for the environment
  • Better for your pocketbook
  • Less diaper sensitivity
  • Less time in diapers

Environmental and Economic Benefits

BabeeGreens organic cloth baby diapers are biodegradable, earth friendly and economical too. While the average family can expect to pay $2,500-$3,000 in the first 2 to 3 years on disposable diapers, cloth diapers cost just a few hundred dollars over the same period of time.  Cloth diapers are long lasting, washable and reusable. You can even use them again and again for more than one child. Using cloth diapers makes an important, positive impact on the environment. An estimated 27.4 billion disposable diapers are used each year in the US, resulting in a possible 3.4 million tons of used diapers adding to landfills.

Organic Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers are manufactured with unsafe chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate used to make disposable diapers more absorbent and a toxin called dioxin.  Dioxins have been considered highly toxic and are damaging to the immune system. Exposure to this chemical may also cause reproductive, developmental problems,  interfere with hormones and also cause cancer. As a result of this contact with chemicals, more than half of all babies who use disposable diapers will experience skin rashes or allergies.

Cloth diaper users tend to have fewer problems with diaper rash and other types of irritation commonly resulting from disposable diapers.

BabeeGreens’ organic cloth baby diapers and diaper products are made with absolutely no chemicals or dyes. Using only organic cotton and natural fibers like hemp, your baby is less likely to have a sensitivity issue. We personally do not believe in putting anything next to your baby’s skin that isn’t completely safe to use.  That’s why BabeeGreens manufactures 100% all natural cloth baby diapers that are soft, absorbent, chemical free, and are made from earth friendly fabrics, milled in the U.S.A. Our organic cloth diapers are known for their soft fleece like texture and become softer with each wash. Nothing feels better next to your baby’s skin than a soft diaper. Every BabeeGreens fitted cloth diaper features easy close snaps and a snug, secure fit, making cloth diapering as easy to use as disposable, but better for your baby.

Research shows that babies who use cloth diapers potty train quicker and spend less time in diapers overall.

Before the 1960′s children began potty-training at around 11 months and most were completely potty trained by the age of two. The fact that, before the emergence of today’s disposable diaper, mothers had dirty diapers to wash gave more of an incentive to begin the potty training process sooner. These days throwing diapers away is much easier than washing them. Disposable diaper companies have even recommended to wait until your child ‘is ready’ for the potty training to begin.  As a result, children are staying in diapers for an average of a year longer. Cloth diapers, on the other hand,  naturally feel wet to the touch since they are not filled with water-absorbing chemicals. This way you child can better understand her or his natural bodily functions by relating the feeling of needing to urinate with the feeling of a wet or dirty diaper afterwards. This important lesson may be lost with today’s ultra-absorbent disposables.