Organic Baby Apparel

High breathability, luxurious comfort, easy maintenance, and sustainability are a few of the many things wool as a fabric has to offer. BabeeGreens Apparel offers baby pants and shorties crafted from this very magic fabric!

The Materials We Use

Our clothing collection includes longies and shorties made from natural wool and cashmere. Not only do they work as diaper covers but they also regulate your tot’s body temperature.


We craft your baby’s apparel using Oeko-Tex 100-certified Merino Wool. What does this certification mean? Not only are all our pieces fully free from any harmful elements, but they also offer quality that is beyond comparison.

Once fitted snuggly in natural wool, your baby will have the comfiest playtimes and naptimes. Put a pair of our wool longies or shorties on your baby's tiny little legs, and they automatically take the role of a diaper cover. Our natural wool can absorb over 30% of its weight and still manage to feel dry! What’s more, it is fully breathable and comes infused with natural lanolin.

Because sustainability is our top priority, all our longies and shorties are crafted by upcycling sweaters. They are effortless to care for – all you need is to lay them flat to dry and handwash when needed. Remember to lanolin-ize them periodically for higher absorbency.


Your little one’s skin will instantly fall in love with our luxuriously soft and breathable cashmere wool. Cashmere also flaunts anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and you don’t even need to wash it as frequently as other diaper covers. Just like our collection of wool apparel, our cashmere apparel is also crafted by upcycling sweaters.

Caring for cashmere is as easy as caring for natural wool. You can even see our cashmere pants as a long-term diaper cover investment.

Pull-Up Pants, Shorties, and Swaddling Blankets

We’ve all been there, trying out best avoid those diaper leaks.

The good news is our pants and shorties can put an end to those problems. Take a look at what they’re made of!

Pants (Longies)

Absorbent, oh-so-soft, and ultra-breathable – our wool pull-up pants come in all three sizes:

  • Small-size longies for 3-6-month-olds (12-17 lbs).
  • Medium-size longies for 6-12 month-olds (17-25 lbs).
  • Large-size longies for 8-24 month-olds (25-35 lbs).

Regardless of how heavy the wetting is, these comfy longies are a must for both daytime and nighttime comfort.


Unlock maximum circulation around your little one’s bum by snuggly wrapping them up in our wool or cashmere shorties. Made of 100% natural fibers, these luxuriously comfy and absorbent shorties are guaranteed to ensure your baby has fun day-times and cozy night-times.

Just like our pull-up pants, these shorties come in 3 sizes for newborns, crawlers, and walkers.

Swaddling Blanket

Is your baby in those first few weeks where they enjoy a good swaddle? Our swaddling blankets would be the perfect choice you’d want to make!

Crafted from the finest Marino wool with Oeko-Tex 100-certified yarn, our wool swaddling blanket is a powerful combination of ultra-softness and super stretchiness. Made from natural color and 100% free from any harmful substances, these blankets are a fantastic investment for your baby care kit.

Why Natural and Cashmere Wools Are Your Baby’s Friends

From Cashmere to Marino – Natural Wool is perfect for your baby!

High-quality, natural wool is known for its temperature-regulation sorcery because it keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks to this fabric, your baby’s little body won’t have to work hard to regulate its own temperature, thus making their sleep so much more restful.

Did you know wool can self-clean too?

Because it contains lanolin (wool fat), it is naturally antibacterial in nature. When wool gets moist, the lanolin in it will even act as a natural soap and keep the fabric fully clean.

It is resistant to stains, repels dust, and comes with a natural waxy film that literally dusts off any unhygienic elements. After continuous use, when wool does start to stink, you can simply toss it into the washer, pour in some wool wash detergent, run a 30-degree cycle, and leave it flat to dry.

What Makes Wool Environment-Friendly?

Between 20 to 200. That’s how many years synthetic fibers can take to degrade!

But is wool any different? Of course, it is!

Wool is a natural fiber. Throw it in a landfill and it will degrade on its own in a fraction of the time that polyester or other synthetic fibers take. What’s more, wool is made of keratin. Keratin is a natural protein (the kind that is in human hair). It can be broken down naturally, without causing any harm to mother nature.

Because wool biodegrades naturally, it won’t end up overstuffing our oceans and landfills. Sure, natural wool sheds fibers during wash but these fibers, too, will break down on their own without causing any harm to the environment. In fact, when wool breaks down, it releases valuable nutrients right back into the soil, thereby acting as a natural fertilizer.

Wool is easy to care for. You end up washing it a lot lesser than other kinds of fabric and since it’s fully natural, it is 100% baby friendly as well!