Return/Exchange Policy

Unwashed, unused items in new condition are returnable within 30 days for actual purchase price. Often we will extend this normal 30 day return window for 15 extra days for newborn items, but returns are not accepted beyond 45 days (30 days plus 15 day grace period). There is a 20% restocking fee.

If you return an order or part of an order  that received free shipping, the original shipping cost that was paid to ship your items is deducted from the return. This is standard procedure for online businesses offering free shipping.

Original shipping cost cannot be refunded.

Items with perfume, pet hair, dirt, cigarette smoke, deo-disk, disposable diaper odors or other odors cannot be returned.

Returning gifts: If returned for a refund, the original purchasing method (the gift giver) will be credited. We are happy to exchange gifts.

Our Address is:

Babee Greens
2002 Riverside Drive Suite 42K
Asheville, NC 28804


Expect shrinkage, especially of natural fibers. If unsure, try one before washing them all because washed items are not returnable . Expect shrinkage for cotton items and wool items. Fit is not guaranteed. Suggested weight ranges are only approximations and shrinkage will vary which is the normal and expected nature of natural fibers.


Babee Greens items are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship for 1 year from purchase. Please contact us by email or phone if any item is defective. Use of bleach, dying, boiling or other improper care or washing methods invalidates the warranty.  What it doesn’t cover: Leaking, odor issues, fit, fading, staining, normal wear and tear. The warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

  • Your product is under limited warranty for possible return for up to 1 year after the original purchase date.
  • Defects include loose stitching, holes discovered upon arrival, broken snaps, etc.
  • Staining, fading, holes that develop with use and potential build-up are all considered normal ‘wear and tear’ and does not suffice for repair or replacement purposes.
  • Leaks are not considered a defect. If you are  battling leaks  call us and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you to ensure successful cloth diapering.
  • If your products were damaged by the use of additives or improper care, the warranty will be void.

Warranty is void when:

The washing instructions have not been followed.


Products to Avoid on Cotton and Hemp/Cotton: 

Products that are mostly oxygen cleaners containing excessive sodium percarbonate or sodium peroxyhydrate soda void our warranty when used in excess. In moderation, those ingredients can be good and are common detergent ingredients, but overuse or up-dosing as detergent is not ok. Very high heat plus such too high of a dose of such high pH ingredients can result inroughness, pilling and fabric degradation. Avoid fabric softeners. Avoid dryer sheets and similar products designed to coat fabrics.

You don’t want coatings on your diapers. Avoid perfumes or optical brighteners.

Never use dish cleaning products in your laundry machine.

Avoid superheated sanitary and steam cycles.
If diaper has been altered.
Any of the following has been used in conjunction with the use/care of the product:
Water temperatures exceeding 140°F or 60°C
A detergent containing additives (enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, or perfumes)
Fabric softeners
Any caustic substance
Diaper rash cream