Organic Diaper Liners & Accessories

Leaks, rashes, and discomfort – these issues often come to haunt new and experienced parents alike. Surprisingly, all you need are a few awesome (and efficient) accessories to avoid cloth diaper disasters while keeping your baby’s bum dry and comfy.

BabeeGreens Cloth Diaper Liners and Accessories

The BabeeGreens cloth diapering accessories feature diaper liners and diaper belts made of high-quality wool.

Wool Diaper Liner

The BabeeGreens wool diaper liners are designed to increase your cloth diaper’s absorbency and comfort.

Each liner is hand-made using a 5x11 rectangular layer of the highest quality Merino Wool with an Oeko-Tex 100 standard. But what’s so special about it? As per the global textile testing and certification system, the Oeko-Tex label ensures these liners have ZERO harmful substances. This type of wool even goes beyond the organic label!

The liner’s outer layer is water-resistant and the inner layer (or cortex) is water-loving. The cortex can easily absorb up to one-third of the diaper’s weight in moisture and yet manage to feel dry! In other words, it can not only meet the needs of heavy wetters (daily!) but also keep your little one’s bum nice and dry every time you use it.

BabeeGreens wool diaper liner can be used in two ways:

  • As a stay-dry liner
  • As an additional layer of absorbency between the cover and the diaper.

For heavy wetters, you can use two wool liners, with one as a stay-dry liner and the other between the cover and the diaper. BabeeGreens also offers wool diaper liner irregulars. While these pieces come with minor fabric flaws or stitching irregularities, they remain perfectly functional. You can get these wool liners at prices that are slightly lower than those without irregularities.

Wool Diaper Belts

Diaper belts can be a great savior throughout your cloth diapering journey. The single greatest job of a diaper belt is to hold the diaper in place. They also help make your toddler’s potty-training phase a lot more convenient to handle.

Crafted from the finest Oeko-Tex 100 certified Merino Wool, our diaper belts are absolutely free of any harmful substance and include a latex-free elastic. They come in two sizes:

  • Size SMALL for waists between 14-20 inches
  • Size LARGE for waists between 18-26 inches

Since BabeeGreens’ diaper belts are made of wool, they don’t need regular washing. You can simply reuse it over and over and hand-wash it once in a while. You can also analyze these belts when needed.

Wool Diaper Liners and Belts: Why Your Little One Needs Them

Diaper inserts and belts are critical to cloth diapering your baby the right way. High-quality Merino Wool is a great material for both diaper liners and belts.

Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture and still manage to feel dry. It also offers natural antibacterial properties to shield your baby from rashes. Since wool is low maintenance, you can clean it with ease. Here are the benefits wool liners and belts offer:

BabeeGreens Diaper Liner

Building your BabeeGreens diaper insert stash can help you avoid diaper disasters, keep diaper absorbency to a maximum, and keep leaks at bay. Your baby will need additional inserts for:

  • Overnight use. Adding extra wool inserts helps increase the absorbency of diapers before your baby slumbers into a good night’s sleep. For belly sleepers, you can place the inserts in the front of the diaper. For back or side sleepers, you can place the insert towards the back and middle of the diaper.
  • Newborns. If the cloth diaper doesn’t fit your newborn fully yet, adding extra inserts can help fill out the diaper. The resulting bulk can help get the perfect fit.
  • Heavy wetters. If your baby is a heavy wetter, BabeeGreens wool inserts can be a great option for regular usage. Wool inserts will not only keep your baby’s diaper leak free but also keep their skin nice and dry.
  • Boys. When cloth diapering boys, it’s important to adjust their little parts. Folding and placing an additional insert can be a great way to keep your boy’s diaper leak-free and his bum comfy.

BabeeGreens Diaper Belts

If you’re going to cloth diaper your baby like a true professional, investing in a BabeeGreens diaper is an absolute must. A diaper folded into a rectangular shape can be tucked cozily into the belt. From infants to busy toddlers and every growth stage in between, BabeeGreens Diaper Belts fit the needs of babies of all ages! Here are some benefits they offer:

  • Keep the diaper in place and helps avoid leaks and rashes
  • Make stand-up diapering a breeze to offer easy access during potty training
  • Perfect alternatives to fasteners and pins
  • They are easy to maintain, don’t require frequent washing, and dry quickly
  • Latex-free and ultra-durable elastic helps you use the same belt until your baby is potty trained.